Nighttime Summer Rain

I like riding in rain, but I love riding in rain on a warm summer night. Not as insane as it sounds, but it definitely expands the element of risk on a motorcycle. Give a bit of time for rain to soak the road, wash away the slippery stuff first, then realize motorcycles don’t melt away in the wet, and tires designed to channel water still grip- even in a lean. Engines keep humming, lights keep lighting, and brakes keep braking on mostly empty roads. The bike may require smoother inputs in less predictable conditions, but wheels keep rolling.

Love NEOhio in Warmer Seasons- Nothing Beats an Office on Great Lake Erie!

View this post on Instagram I love #NEOhio in the warmer seasons, and nothing beats an office on the great #LakeErie! Some definite advantages to 21st century tech to #RideLocalDreamGlobal! #LakeMetroparks #PainesvilleTownship A post shared by Mike Mekinda (@ridelocaldreamglobal) on Jul 2, 2018 at 9:22am PDT