Cleveland’s Amazing Museum of Art

I was certain an experience at the Cleveland Museum of Art was one of the opening pieces for, and even remember my closing thoughts. During the recent website revamp and a bit of housecleaning, I realized there was no post for CMA– a glaring omission in need of immediate correction! The Cleveland Museum of […]

1930 Ford Model A: Keeping the Past in Motion

I’ve always managed to find opportunities to drive, ride, fly or float interesting vehicles. Some beautiful, some fast, many unique- but each was a hoot in its own way. One thing I’d never experienced was a true “antique” car, something from the earliest days of motorized transportation. While not quite as old as the beginning […]

Sailing, Takes Me Away… (sorry ;-) )

I know I often go on and on about the beauty of the Great Lakes, living on Lake Erie in particular, and I make no apologies for having so much to share. The changing seasons, the shifting sands, the storms, the flora and fauna, and those glorious sunrises and sunsets- always something wonderful to capture […]