Spring Walk… or Autumn? (online Jigsaw Puzzle)

As winter recedes and the weather improves, I thought I was done with puzzles until cold and snowy comes again. Then one of my regular readers broke a leg, is immobilized for a few weeks, and in need of entertainment. So here’s another jigsaw (complete with people she knows well!) for her entertainment and yours, […]

Stopping to Smell the Flowers (Online Puzzle)

Seemed like a good weekend to post another jigsaw puzzle, a rider’s Spring photo. Here’s hoping this will be the last of Winter 2020-21 and, with luck and helpful compliance for a few more months, the last of the pandemic! If you’re out and about exploring your part of the world, don’t forget to take […]

Make A Wish for a Better 2021

A little something to help get through this strange, gathering-free (you ARE staying home, staying safe, right?), New Years Eve. Here’s to a better, brighter, much more time spent together, 2021! 196Make A Wish For 2021 Keep Riding Local, Dreaming Global, helping your neighbors (at a proper distance, of course), and rolling safe- and wear […]

Fairport Harbor Lighthouse Puzzle

Throughout this pandemic I’ve been transforming some of my more interesting photos into jigsaw puzzles on JigsawPlanet.com. I starting doing this to provide a bit of easy escape for myself, my mom, and anyone else who happens to enjoy digital puzzles. For whatever reason though, it never occurred to me to share them here! Making […]

2020: A Year of Visual Clarity and Interesting Photography

Over 200 pictures for an hour on the trail? Good grief! An hour spent culling out the good photos, ultimately winnowing them down to about pictures worth keeping? Becoming a lazy and inefficient photographer again, and something needs to change. A great advantage of digital photography is the virtually unlimited number of pictures one can […]

Gasp- a day with no rain in NEOhio! Perfect Friday ride through Rocky River Reservation. #ClevelandMetroparks

View this post on Instagram Gasp- a day with no rain in NEOhio! Perfect Friday ride through Rocky River Reservation. #VictoryVision #VictoryMotorcycles #ClevelandMetroparks #RideLocalDreamGlobal A post shared by Mike Mekinda (@ridelocaldreamglobal) on Jun 8, 2019 at 1:45pm PDT