I have a collection of photos of my motorcycles/cars with Kurlee Kone as the perfect backdrop. These photos go back decades, to the days of Kodachrome and Tri-X. It’s a spot with so many memories of family and friends, so much ice cream with my grandparents. Unchanging as if caught in time, always setting off the film reel in my brain… Oh yeah, it’s also a great place for ice cream- start your own memories!

Kurlee Kone will always have a place in my memories, memories of Grandparents and love. Much of my childhood was spent sailing with my Grandpa out of the Douglass & McLeod docks, long days spent on a DM22 on the Great Lake Erie. After sailing, Grandma and Grandpa always took us for ice cream before dropping us home. Anything we wanted, overfilling bellies far too close to mom’s dinners! Kurlee Kone is still there nearly 50 years later, still making family memories!