That Summer Smell

Few things in life better than the smell of summer woods after a rain. Go ahead, close your eyes and imagine… it’s even better than that! Keep Riding Local, Dreaming Global, helping your neighbors (at a proper distance, of course), and rolling safe- and wear a mask!  Hope to see you on the road on […]

Visiting Wildlife Outside The Cleveland Museum of Natural History

Established in 1920, The Cleveland Museum of Natural History has been an elementary school field trip destination for as long as we can remember, and always a family favorite . Weโ€™ve been lucky to have experienced various updates and expansions to the museum, but it had been a few years since our last visit. PrettyWife […]

The Holden Arboretum

Created in 1931 as a memorial to the passing of Albert Fairchild Holdenโ€™s child, Elizabeth, Holden Arboretum in Kirtland Ohio, covering more than 3,600 acres in Lake and Geauga counties, is one of the largest arboretums in the US. When Mr. Holden passed away, a trust for the development of the arboretum was left to […]