Midwest Motorcyclist- the Final Edition…

After 20 years of providing the latest riding info sprinkled with localized flavor, Midwest Motorcyclist will no longer be found on the counter at your local dealer. Like so many in the world of print magazines, the time had come to let the ink dry for good. Luckily, Random Ramblings of a Rarebird appears in […]

Work Sucks, Enjoy the Ride!

Digging deep in the digital bag of motorcycle bits, I found this bit of early work for Midwest Motorcyclist, printed September 2007.  It was written at a time I was attempting to use the bike as an economical, year-round alternative to the car as much as possible in the largely unpredictable NEOhio weather.  A bit […]

The Running of The Buells (1st Published December 2007)

Anyone who has talked motorbikes with me knows I’ve been a fan of Erik Buell’s 2-wheeled creations since the beginning. I’ve owned an S1 Lightning, an XB9S Lightning, an XB12R Firebolt and an XB12X Ulysses, and, despite their flaws, loved riding every one. I’m even hoping to add a TT or Lightning Long to the […]

The Other Side of the Basic Rider Course… (Published March 2009)

The beginning of each riding season brings a whole new group of riders -or those hoping to become riders- and as well as a constant need for new instructors. Several years ago, I decided I’d stopped by to watch enough Basic Riding Classes, and it was time to actually become an instructor. How tough could […]