Cleveland’s Amazing Museum of Art

I was certain an experience at the Cleveland Museum of Art was one of the opening pieces for, and even remember my closing thoughts. During the recent website revamp and a bit of housecleaning, I realized there was no post for CMA– a glaring omission in need of immediate correction! The Cleveland Museum of […]

1930 Ford Model A: Keeping the Past in Motion

I’ve always managed to find opportunities to drive, ride, fly or float interesting vehicles. Some beautiful, some fast, many unique- but each was a hoot in its own way. One thing I’d never experienced was a true “antique” car, something from the earliest days of motorized transportation. While not quite as old as the beginning […]

Two-Up Traveling: First Overnight Trip

No question, traveling by motorcycle is not for everyone. Unlike taking the self-contained, climate-controlled, environmentally-sealed, rolling concert hall, a motorcycle leaves you in the wind- literally. Adapting along the way is what I love about traveling by bike, but definitely takes commitment. Imagine my surprise, after driving past riders donning raingear in a deluge, PrettyWife […]

A Rider’s Oasis Among Urban Ruins

I’d been hearing stories of Cleveland’s legendary Skidmark Garage for years, had even driven by in search of the mythical Garage door, but only recently managed to find that mysterious portal. A hidden treasure deep in the old-world industrial wilds of Cleveland that, unlike treasures of yore, actually wants to be found. Though few local […]