#ZeroMotorcycles new SR/F. Wanna’ know how the big batteries and wicked little motor work? Check out RideLocalDreamGlobal.com for a #FastRideQuickTake! #ZeroSRF #RideLocalDreamGlobal #ElectricMotorcycles #ClevelandMoto

2019 Harley-Davidson Sport Glide. Wanna’ know what I thought of it? Fast Ride Quick Take: review here at RideLocalDreamGlobal.com! #FastRideQuickTake

View from the Fairport Harbor Lighthouse looks like two distinct bodies of water split by breakwall – it’s all Lake Erie! Thanks again for inviting us into your lighthouse this year!

Gasp- a day with no rain in NEOhio! Perfect Friday ride through Rocky River Reservation. #ClevelandMetroparks