Unloading my latest project, VRSCR brought home on a 20hr rounder from TN. V-Rod Street Rod was an interesting 2-year experiment (2006-07) by Harley-Davidson, and exactly what I wanted. USD Ohlins fork, Brembo Brakes, less rake, more lean, naked “Roadster” – fun stuff! Digging into it, I’ve discovered the 1st owner had some… questionable ideas of “repairs” and “maintenance”- definitely some issues that must be addressed. 2nd owner (TN seller) was a rider, NOT a mechanic- missed a few things before he kinda’ stopped riding it . Ah well, sure is a pretty project!

Finally spent some time riding the future of Harley-Davidson, and they are AMAZING!!! The Pan America was as close to a home run as possible for a first at bat with an ADV. Twisting the throttle on the Livewire is like Cedar Point’s Top Thrill Dragster loose on the road- kept expecting special effects light speed streaks! Can’t wait to see what the next unveiling brings!

Fast Ride, Quick Take: 2019 Harley-Davidson Sport Glide

New in 2018, the β€œconvertible” Sport Glide is one of the more intriguing Harley-Davidsons. Based on the reimagined softail (formerly Dyna), the Sport Glide is intended to straddle the gap between cruiser and touring bike, a bit like the sadly ignored Switchback. Difference is, the improvements to the new chassis take the low, nimble Glide […]