Spring Walk… or Autumn? (online Jigsaw Puzzle)

As winter recedes and the weather improves, I thought I was done with puzzles until cold and snowy comes again. Then one of my regular readers broke a leg, is immobilized for a few weeks, and in need of entertainment. So here’s another jigsaw (complete with people she knows well!) for her entertainment and yours, […]

Touching, Creating, Enjoying- The Columbus Museum of Art

Never thought I’d be a fan of art museums, yet they seem to regularly draw me in and fascinate. When DaringDaughter left to study at OSU, she discovered the Columbus Museum of Art to be just as cool as our own art museum in Cleveland, though in very different ways. When she learned of a […]

A Ride Through Motorcycle History at the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame

There’s an Evil Knievel jump bike on display- that’s enough reason for any kid of the 60s/70s to visit The American Motorcyclist Association Motorcycle Hall of Fame! Turns out there’s plenty more to see, and even those less enthusiastic about motorcycles will still have fun. Located in Pickerington, Ohio, just outside Columbus, The AMA HoF […]

Exploring the labyrinthine Book Loft of German Village

The cell phone- that portable electronic wonder that’s always in our pockets, can carry vast amounts of reading material. If we happen to travel somewhere with decent WiFi (or unlimited data), we have, literally, entire libraries in our fingertips. It’s awesome we can easily pull up something to read when caught by an unexpected wait, […]