Sailing, Takes Me Away… (sorry ;-) )

I know I often go on and on about the beauty of the Great Lakes, living on Lake Erie in particular, and I make no apologies for having so much to share. The changing seasons, the shifting sands, the storms, the flora and fauna, and those glorious sunrises and sunsets- always something wonderful to capture […]

A Rider’s Oasis Among Urban Ruins

I’d been hearing stories of Cleveland’s legendary Skidmark Garage for years, had even driven by in search of the mythical Garage door, but only recently managed to find that mysterious portal. A hidden treasure deep in the old-world industrial wilds of Cleveland that, unlike treasures of yore, actually wants to be found. Though few local […]

Visiting Wildlife Outside The Cleveland Museum of Natural History

Established in 1920, The Cleveland Museum of Natural History has been an elementary school field trip destination for as long as we can remember, and always a family favorite . We’ve been lucky to have experienced various updates and expansions to the museum, but it had been a few years since our last visit. PrettyWife […]