Midwest Motorcyclist- the Final Edition…

After 20 years of providing the latest riding info sprinkled with localized flavor, Midwest Motorcyclist will no longer be found on the counter at your local dealer. Like so many in the world of print magazines, the time had come to let the ink dry for good. Luckily, Random Ramblings of a Rarebird appears in the final issue, in an unintentionally poignant article. I’d like to thank Ray Peabody and Midwest Motorcyclist for taking a chance on an unknown writer trying to get back into the game.  I was given space for a regular column in the magazine, which afforded many opportunities get “behind the scenes” and hang with some terrific folks in the motorcycle industry. Midwest Motorcyclist even showcased my photography on several covers- a thrill that will last a lifetime. It’s been an awesome ride, and I’ve appreciated every opportunity- what a blast!

The spirit of the Midwest Motorcyclist magazine will live on in blog format at Midwestmotorcyclist.com, and include archival access to many of the original issues. Ray’s been riding and sharing for a long time, so be sure to stop by and see what  up to!

Thanks again to Ray, Midwest Motorcyclist, and all of you who followed my column, and especially thanks for your feedback through the years. Keep your eyes peeled- I’m hoping Random Ramblings of a Rarebird will be back in print, somewhere, in the near future.

July MWM Cvr

Stay safe, and I’ll see you on the road!


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