Midwest Motorcyclist Dec 2018 – Sub Zero Mission!

Somehow I overlooked sharing my latest article here- and, in my opinion, it’s an important one! As you peruse the December issue, be sure to check out the article on my friends at Sub Zero Mission, and see if there might be a way to help ’em out. Plenty more great stuff to read in the Midwest Motorcyclist archives while you’re there, help you get through remains of winter.


Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you on the road!


2 thoughts on “Midwest Motorcyclist Dec 2018 – Sub Zero Mission!

  1. Susan Mekinda

    Hi, FYIWhen I tried to open Dec issue, only Jan and Feb came up and I couldn’t bring up anything elseLove ya Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

    • Thanks. I think it has to do with the site rebuilding going on at Midwest Motorcyclist. Looking into it!

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