It’s All About the Fries at Scooter’s World Famous Dawg House!

For those who missed it, last weekend (17 Mar 2018) was a big event for beach-goers, local residents, and fans of great fries the world over: The fine folks at Scooter’s World Famous Dawg House opened for their 18th season! A summer staple of the locals, Scooter’s is on the corners of Blackbrook and Heisley Rd in Mentor, Ohio- a prime location for hungry folks heading to or from Headlands Beach State park. With a menu that’s all about hot summer days, Scooter’s is only open mid-March through mid-September. After a dreary winter without our awesome piles of fries, Scooter’s seasonal reopening is quite the exciting day for locals!

As the name implies, the menu at Scooter’s Dawg House is loaded with a tasty variety of hot dawgs. Having tried many, I have yet to find one I haven’t liked- though I admit the Hawaiian dawg took a bit of a leap to bring myself to order (it was excellent, by the way). There are also terrific burgers, chicken, and even an interesting take on the Cuban, one of my favorite deli sandwiches. If you aren’t there for a meal, there’s always ice cream (which is a perfect summer meal too, right?), sundaes, shakes, and slushes. But let’s be honest- if you’re at Scooter’s World Famous Dawg House, you’re really here for the enormous piles of fresh cut fries! Scooter’s fries are flat-out incredible, and the portions are crazy. A small is perfect to share with PrettyWife and DaringDaughter, usually ending up with a few to spare! Not quite sure who the large size is for (we’ve never ordered one), but, man, is it ever impressive being carried past!

Great folks, awesome fries (this is a SMALL, already missing a few!) at Scooter’s!

When you stop by Scooter’s Dawg House, be prepared for a line. If it’s a sunny summer NEOhio beach day, be prepared for a very long line (though they keep things moving quickly)- it’s that popular, and so worth the wait! There are just a few tables inside, but they’re usually filled, and the building is always packed with folks awaiting their orders. Best to plan on stepping outdoors to the picnic tables and enjoying weather. With summer just around the corner, I’m looking forward to ending a few rides at a picnic table with a specialty dawg and a plate full of Scooter’s world famous fries- maybe we’ll see you there!

Keep Riding Local, Dreaming Global, and we’ll see you on the road- Enjoy!


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