Different Kind of Time

I can’t concentrate to write anymore, can barely think straight, and having a tough time keeping even this stream of consciousness coherent. I began typing Gift of Time when the world was still “normal”. The piece was complete, needing only minor proofing before posting. Then my motivation went away with our destinations, my mood soured, and words were absorbed by a darkened laptop. An article about destinations and time spent with family seemed… hopeless.

Empty streets of Pandemic Cleveland

We are struggling with an insidious global virus that kills indiscriminately and has brought economic ruin to many. When we thought ‘rona might be largely contained, our “leaders” threw up their hands on COVID-19 and admonished us to “go out, save the economy”. We’re finding their directive largely incorrect. Then eight minutes of video went viral, and we watched a young black man murdered by a police officer. Our leaderless place in the world caught fire anew. As I type, many major cities in the US that had recently reopened while dealing with COVID-19 have returned to curfew lockdowns while dealing with protests – and this time by force, oppressive force.

I’ve tried to read, revise, and rewrite Gift of Time at least a dozen times at this point, yet still struggle to find my way to completion. Spring has swept across the northern hemisphere, clearing way for summer. The sun still shines, and birds and plants have returned as though nothing was amiss. “Spring was not afraid”, the earth is saying, “and this too shall pass”- and I believe it will.

Everything will change, and my hope is our better angels will take wing and help us make all changes for the betterment of humanity. The human spirit still draws us together and will have us on the move again. We are social creatures, and we will always reach out to others across yards, deserts, forests, or oceans.

Despite the wonders of modern communications, a godsend in these troubled times, we still need to physically connect with fellow humans- and we will. We will return to traveling beyond walking our neighborhoods, and reach points around the globe soon enough. But we must be patient, just a little longer. We must  embrace one another virtually. We must look out for one another as we share this one small planet. We must keep faith that most are decent folks making our way quietly through the world. Most will do (mostly) right, and attempt needed changes small to large. As we try to make, and be, the difference, we must remember a terrible few always seem to have a moment in history (some longer than we might like) but it’s usually short and they vanish as miserably as they appear. Not particularly encouraging in the moment, but something hopeful, nonetheless.

When I finish Gift of Time (and I will), the long-postponed message will still be relevant. In the meantime, reach out to one another. We must change. We must work through and past our “isms”. We must listen and grow. We are being tested in multiple ways, and all we need right now is a passing grade. “Good enough” is opportunity to move forward, to do better. We’re in this together now, and we’ll still be stuck together on the other side. It’s up to us, now, to determine what will be on that other side.

Let’s do what we can to make it brighter, and I hope to see you all on that other side

Keep Riding Local, Dreaming Global, helping your neighbors (at a proper distance, of course), and rolling safe- and wear a mask!  Hope to see you on the road on the other side!

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