Through a recent sad succession of owners, this handmade toolchest has made its way to my garage. I always loved the bright colors of this chest in my grandpa’s shop. It was made by his great-grandfather, a mill worker, in the 1800s and passed along through the years. When my grandparents moved to an assisted arrangement, a favorite uncle called dibs. Unfortunately, his time to enjoy ownership was cut far too short, now it’s come to me to carry forward. I’ll be making a permanent spot on a wall in my shop in the next few weeks, a reminder of great times working with my grandpa!

Not typically freaked by spiders, but when a clutter (yep, that’s what a spider gang is called) of these 1/2-dollar-sized beasties comes out in a wave it’s a bit unnerving. When they outrun me pushing a lawnmower, then hop on my feet) legs for the ride to safety, it’s a scene from nightmares! Despite my urge to crush and run, all safely made it back to their bunker beneath the siding and no spiders were harmed in this photo session! 🤪😎