A Gift of Time

When one’s parents have reached the point of having all they really need or want, gift-giving becomes… challenging. But one thing money can’t buy, shopping can’t provide, and no search can find, is time. Not time of the “extra days of life” variety, but the “time enjoyed together” type. So PrettyWife and I decided our gift-giving is going to be unique days spent with the ‘rents and any of our kids who can join us. So far, We’ve been blown away by how great the experiences have been!

To The New Year…

I love the Christmas / Holiday season, despite the inevitable changes (mostly good, some not so…) to family and friends each year brings. I hope this year was all you wanted, the next will be all you wish, and I thank you all for stopping here and sharing your valuable time with me. -mike  

Work Sucks, Enjoy the Ride!

Digging deep in the digital bag of motorcycle bits, I found this bit of early work for Midwest Motorcyclist, printed September 2007.  It was written at a time I was attempting to use the bike as an economical, year-round alternative to the car as much as possible in the largely unpredictable NEOhio weather.  A bit