Back At It… again…

My muse seems particularly happy to find me at a keyboard again

It’s been far too long since I’ve checked in here in long form. This pandemic’s been rougher on my psyche than I realized or want to admit, not sure I’m still capable of organizing words to fill a column. I’ve been trying to write this same piece for nearly two years. Looking at previous drafts could provide a useful study in the ebb and flow of mental stability. Calm seas to the darkest of storms, it was all there- and I could nearly tell what month it was by the feel of the unfinished prose. The human experience in stressful times laid bare.

Definitely no shortage of words, just a lack of organization to a stream-of-consciousness blather. If I were to publish all the false starts I’ve filed, the number of words could fill the novel I’ve always wished I could write.

Instead of turning piles of words to organized thoughts, I’ve been speaking through (or possibly hiding behind) my photography as COVID relentlessly grinds on. I’m grateful for the joy and quiet means of expression of photography. I love observing the big picture, then narrowing it down a smaller instant in time worthy of sharing. I’m humbled many of you have continued to stop by to share in those moments with kind comments- never asking why or pressing for more.

I love photos, but I’ve always felt words and images are the team that tell my stories. One without the other seems incomplete- yang without yin. I’m hopeful this is bringing the team back, but there’s no guarantee they’ll still play well together. Check back in a few days, maybe see how practice is going

Thanks again for sticking with us here at Ride Local Dream Global, keep checking back to see if we’re rolling again!


*A gentle reminder: mental health is still about health and being healthy- Be kind and let’s be there for each other*

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