Welcome to Ride Local, Dream Global!  So many sites to choose from, yet you found this one- and I hope we’ll keep you coming back.

Most folks have places they’d like to see before shuffling off. Problem is, life often pushes those dreams aside. Pressing obligations, lack of cash or time – or even simple travel anxieties- can crush the dream. Fortunately, amazing alternatives exist as close as our own neighborhoods or reasonably short drives from home- and these destinations are likely in someone else’s travel dreams!

I spent years as an aerial photographer for a mapping firm, and loved traveling as a way of life. Family and finances put the brakes on seeing the world months at a time, and the dreaded “desk job” fit priorities.  But wanderlust never fades, so I’ve learned to embrace the wonders near my NEOhio home. Joined by wife and kids, we’ve discovered adventures that don’t require gobs of cash and unpaid leave to enjoy. Big Muskie buckets, giant baskets, enormous balls of twine, and mystery caverns abound, and can be way more fun than expected- it’s all about attitude and sense of adventure. When folks asked for details of our local(ish) excursions, I realized many are looking for quick escapes. Though my children have (mostly) moved on to their own explorations, Ride Local, Dream Global is  my way of enjoying travels closer to home, and inviting others to share their own near-flung explorations.

Expect brief overviews, and a few photos of interesting locations within a day’s ride/drive of NEOhio. My preferred method of travel is motorbike, hence the “Ride Local” title, but the family usually demands a bit more space, and complete weather protection. When I take a bike, my eclectic selection of motorcycles are often of questionable reliability, and known to become stories on their own.

Thanks again for spending time here at Ride Local, Dream Global. I’ll try to entertain with treks from my area, and occasional guests will share ideas close to their locations. I’d love to hear what you think of site, and about your own local journeys- and your recommendations of places to visit.

See you around!


The mind dreams of epic journeys, but the spirit will sing on simple treks close to home…

Last Modified on 19 July, 2017
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