Husband, Father, Freelance writer/ Photographer, Motojournalist, Photogrammetric Technician, Mountain Biker, Pilot, and the list keeps growing…

Life IS good!


We’d love to travel the world, but the realities of family life kept us closer to home – and we discovered we love it! The world is filled with amazing places, and many of those places are just around the corner. Join us as we share points of interest (usually) within a day’s ride/drive of NEOhio.

Our preferred method of travel is obviously motorbike, but we’ve been know to load up the Wagon Queen Family Truckster when PrettyWife would prefer a bit of weather protection. Traveling by car, it’s typically about the destination.On two wheels, however, my eclectic selection of motorcycles are known to become stories on their own.

Expect destinations with a budget in mind, free whenever we can. Places funky and fun, quirky and unusual, sometimes cultural or smart. Photos, favorite eateries, and quick reviews of motorcycles or interesting cars round out our interests.

Thanks again for stopping at Ride Local, Dream Global. When you’ve heard enough about our travels, I’d love to hear what’s great about your own explorations. Leave comments, recommend places for us to visit, or take a spot as a guest traveler- Ride Local can also be about your local!

It’s a small world, see you around!

-mike and the Ride Local Dream Global family

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